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What is Alexa?

Alexa is an assistant built into the Amazon Echo speaker. Using only your voice you can perform a wealth of tasks or lookup a limitless amount of information.

Currently, only available for:


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How can it help my business?

  • Place all of your brands' standards in one location. Easily searchable by all employees by voice.

  • Using only your voice, look up menu item recipes including ingredient weights.

  • Step by step, follow along for new employees to make products.

  • Supervisors can quickly contact their stores bypassing the phones to communicate instantly with their teams.

  • Supervisors can instantly "intercom". Using your phone you can quickly communicate an announcement to all stores at once.

  • Employees can set reminders such as : "Remind me to check my dough at 8pm" "Remind me to sanitize my tables in 2 hours" "Remind me on August 1st Diet Cokes expire"

  • Quizzes to keep your employees engaged in procedures and standards.

  • (Future enhancement) Interfaces with our Temperature sensors to relay critical refrigeration temperatures. "What's my walkin temperature?" "What's the warmest my walkin got yesterday?" "Are all my temperatures ok?"

  • (Future enhancement) Interfaces with our Label King Turbo to print labels hands free. "Print 2 prepped pepperoni labels"

Can't I do this myself?

Yes and No. Some of these features are built into the echo dot. All of the brand specific items however, are not. Using Alexa for business, we have created custom "apps" that allow a uniform experience across all devices. Everything is cloud based so updates to the platform are instant.

Can I customize it?

If you have an idea for a change or addition simply submit it to us at

If it's something that benefits the entire brand and can be implemented, it will be at no charge. Individual franchise requests will be considered and subject to a reasonable development fee

What's the fine print?

  • Even though the device is an Alexa for Business device, Amazon does not support limiting content at this time. This means that any command built into Alexa will work including playing music. Parental controls are turned on and explicit content is filtered by Amazon. If and when Amazon supports more controls we will implement them in order to limit what employees can do.

  • Employees cannot purchase anything unless you change that setting and put a card on file.

  • When setting up your account, we will provide you a sanitized Alexa account with access to our customized apps for your brand

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